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X3 Likely Totaled :-( (questions)

This past weekend I went to a wedding out of town and as I was leaving the long term parking ramp at the airport returning a person blew through a stop sign at about 30mph and nailed the passenger front panel causing major damage to the hood, wheels, bumper ect…. My car is a 05’ with 103K miles and is (was) in great shape but the airbag did deploy, the front end has major issues and the car seemed to have a transmission issue as we tried to get it out of park to get it towed, so I am planning on a total. The other persons insurance will likely eventually cover everything but it is still rough as the car seemed to have lots of life left and I was considering keeping for the duration. I just had a few quick questions regarding the process as I am new to it:

1) When the adjuster comes to look at the car, how can I have someone inspect the vehicle checking for things like drive-train and not just cosmetic damage that an insurance agent specializes in? I have been going to an awesome indy shop for years and they to mechanical but not body work, could I somehow have them check it out to find all the true issues rather than just have a body shop guy try to determine that? I was also considering having it towed to a dealer next as their mechanics could also make a good assessment but I have no relationship with the local dealership and with the way they often estimate charges for things I am 100% that would turn it into a total.

2) I have all the service/preventive maintenance records and just bought new tires a couple weeks ago. Can things like that typically be submitted to the adjuster to be considered in determining the value of the car?

3) I am aware that the value of the total is supposed to be the actual cash value? From what I understand that is supposed to be more than a trade in value but less than the retail value. I was wondering if it tends to be closer though to retail then trade value or vice versa as that is normally a pretty wide range.

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