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Originally Posted by bigwilly40 View Post
so i know this has been covered several different times and several different answers. happened to me today. I checked all three fuses, 7, 72, AND 73, all were good. i then removed the nav screen to see if all connectors were ok, all were. i then went to the amp removed and reconnected all connectors, still nada. i then looked and looked on several forums and found a guy who showed me pics and details of the actual radio, which to my suprise was not the nav was located in the trunk, under the spare tire, under a plastic cover. many screws and bolts later, i located the radio, which was only fastened by one screw, with two connectors on top. i removed the radio and suprise suprise, there was an inch or so of water laying next to the battery and the front of the radio was submerged. it had rained yesterday and then suddenly went out. i took it completely out of the car, checked the 10a fuse which was ok, then took the metal cover off the radio, sprayed dust off and saw water running out the side of it. i let it sit in the sun for about an hour with the cover off, reconnected, and worked! very happy, as that radio piece goes for $400-800 on ebay! whew.. it is a dys project, but takes alot of patience and testing. thanks for all that have gave input on this matter...\WIll
and this is under the spare tire under the black plastic cover that reads BMW right?i heard of this but does this apply to only DSP Models? I have removed that cover before and all i found were just empty harnesses, which made me think that most people that have this issue have DSP equipped cars, or maybe is it some where else under the cover and i over looked it?
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