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From the wiring diagrams it looks like it leads to the wires being bunched together (only 2, O2 on my 95 e38) and then sent to the oxygen sesnor relay. I still can not find the junction point on how they attach and where. I am hoping there is a part I can purchase that is like factory connections rather then have to find someone that is not color blind to tap and extend wires from under the heat shield.

Everything under my car is covered with the panels, I have a stone driveway and on the creeper I can barely get under the car so I hope you understand I am not being lazy sure I could just "look" under the car and trace the wire by hand but it is useless if I dont have the part so I would just rather know if there is a oxygen sensor harness that plugs in and then leads to the fuses/relay or are they just spliced in by one of the pins and I am up the creek without a paddle?
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