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Originally Posted by sr5959 View Post
Agree. To get full iPhone functionality you have to buy Apps, BMW Assist, plus the cradle, and even then the text messages/emails don't work. I was so annoyed when I learned I had to pay for the cradle I got them to throw it in for free.
Well, that's no longer true. If you buy tech package then you get all of that. You can buy navigation a la carte, but for the price difference I imagine that nearly all dealer ordered 3 series cars will simply have the tech package, which includes BMW assist, BMW apps, etc.

As to the price of the cradle, sure, it's highway robbery, but it's also a BMW, so while Toyota might sell the part for $100 BMW will charge $250. If I understand it correctly the cradle vs. USB port does very little for you anyways, it primarily gives your phone a signal boost using the in-car antenna system.
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