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Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
I think the Texas delegation should organize a road trip. Kat?

I've also gotta say... DSX picked out some great roads when he started this thing. That back stretch, to and from the Mt. Washington Hotel, is just beautiful... really nice pavement and it feels to get some speed up after the crawl down the motor road.
A little bit about the history. When I first thought of getting some of us together I thought that if I got 5 cars it would be a success. It seemed that though many of us owned "The Ultimate Driving Machine" we spent most of our lives stuck in traffic, or stop and go-ing through urban areas. No fun at all. I knew of many great roads from my yute when I had a motorcycle and thought nothing of putting a hundred miles on it in the morning before school started (got it when I was 16). Some of those roads would be perfect for a nice ride and would wring a little bit of performance out of our Bimmers.

So I posted a thread and hoped for the best. I got 11 cars and we had a great time touring with a clear ascent to the top of MW. At the end of the day 5 drivers decided to eat together (we'd met for the first time that day) at The Common Man in Lincoln. We didn't have a banquet the first year and I don't recall anyone having arrived early. I remember those five; NHMan, Napolean, Prof Cook, ///M-rated (at the time X-rated), and me. By the end of dinner I knew we'd be doing it again.

Many inaugural CtoC'ers have been at every one! It's grown and become somewhat more formal with the banquet and a charity auction, but the driving is as good as it's always been; freude am fahren!
This year's highlight has to be NK and TK flying in from Houston and joining us in a rental 328! However, many other first timers also ensured an enjoyable day, and everyone proved that BMW owners are in fact the best people in the world. Especially the good hearted young lady who bid $25 for an envelope she knew wasn't going to contain more that a few dollars. It had a dollar in it. What a sweetie!

Anyway, it looks like CtoC5 is going to be a somewhat flexible 2 day event. Drivers can come for one or both days and still be guaranteed a good time. We'll bag a few more road experiences, but get to have a more relaxed day with more time for an outlet mall and (ahem) bathroom stops.

In a few weeks I'll get some of the vets and a few first timers together in the CtoC room started by captainaudio and we'll hash over what works, what doesn't and what should be added. Until then, think it over, and hold your suggestions for discussion by the group.
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