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Originally Posted by dmunz View Post
Our other car is an S80 and lex is right, it can be damn anoying having it on all the time. If I forget to turn it off and get to close to a care at a trafic light I starts beeping. Usually right in the middle of an important news storie or my favorite song...

At first I thought what Mr Olsen was saying made sense - that it would be helpful to have parking sensors on when pulling into the garage - but dmunz makes an excellent point. It would stink to have the sensor beeping in traffic or at the drive-up, etc.

Mr Olsen, I know it's a little hard to judge with the GT, so I take a sighting in order to determine how far to pull into the garage. I constantly think I'm going to run over a set of bikes stacked against the far wall of the garage, but then when I get out of the car, I see I'm 3 feet away from hitting them. I still haven't practiced with rubber garbage pails to get a feel for the edges of the car, but it's on the to-do list. Especially because I don't want my MSport front grill to scrape a curb stop!
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