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synthetics and newer oils

just a few things to remember; first extended oil changes using synthetic oil. Even though synthetic oil will not break down as soon as 'dino' oil and it will provide better lubrication over a longer period your engine will still produce acid, varnish, soot etc that will collect in the oil. No matter how good the oil is it will not rid the engine of these contaminants. By extending the oil changes to say 9000 miles instead of 5000 miles, you will have a larger build up of contaminants in your oil over time causing increased wear. Changing at 5000 mile intervals keeps the contaminant levels down. Personally I change my oil at 5000km or 3000 miles
even though I drive 200km/day with most of it being on the highway.

second: Rotella oil is made specifically for diesel engines which use a different fuel and usually run at higher temperatures. The newer diesel oils (API CJ-4 classification) are made for Tier III and IV emissionized engines which do run at higher temps than older engines. This oil is also made to be used with a low sulfur content fuel. Although I do not know what using API CJ-4 classified oil in your car will do I would worry about what it may not do since this oil is made for hotter operating temps and a different fuel.

Just something to think about.
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