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Whoever you spoke with at your local dealer is misinformed on this matter. Check with BMW of North America (or Germany if that is where you are from) directly if you would like BMWs actual stance on the matter. Tires have come a long way over the years, as have not mix.

The tire industry trade organization, the Rubber Manufacturers Assn. issued a service bulletin in 2010 (ref: TISB Volume 47, Number 1) that specifically recommends against mixing conventional and runflat tires, except in an emergency situation on a limited, temporary basis. There are many threads in other forums with reports of guys mixing in axle pairs and experiencing major handling issues. E90 cars are the most common BMW model to use run flats, so I would suggest a Google search with "E90 mixing run flats" if you're searching for those threads.

Here is a more generic article about mixing in general :

That being said, the Tire Police won't come and arrest you if you mix them anyway...
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