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Personally I love the new M5!

I drive an E39 540i 6spd now and while I've always had a manual I'm looking forward to trying the SMG III. I think by the time it hits the production M5 it will be sweet and I'd probably be torn on which to order even if BMW does offer a manual.

I've had both a 7 and 3 series in the past so I'm not new to BMW. Looking at the evolution of the 5 series it's pretty clear that it's in need of a makeover not an update. As much as I love the E39 design it's starting to look old! While I think the E60 530 and 545 look a little weak and should have had bigger wheels I absolutely love the look of the E60 M5.

I don't mean to offend anyone but I don't think the detractors of the E60 understand fashion. Automotive fashion is much like clothing fashion whether you like it or not, and I bet the detractors are just as slow to come around to the latest duds as well. Just ask your wife/girlfriend if I'm right. I'll also bet that in 12 months more than 60% of detractors will have come around and will love this car. Maybe for true M lovers it's best that the standard E60 looks as it does! As an aside I liked the 7 from the first time I saw it in the UK a couple years back. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Not to belabor the fashion point, but I think the same applies to the wheel choices for the M5. I've seen comments that people wish the wheels had a big lip. Sorry again, but I love them as is. Much like the wheels on the M3 CSL, the look on the E60 M5 is awesome and reflects current fashion. Wait 10 years and the big lip will be back (kinda like flared pants - in again now), but put the E39 M5 wheel beside the E60 M5 wheel and the E39 wheel looks a little old....

On a performance note I've only had my 540 for 3 months and I'm already wishing I had the E39 M5. Since I never buy new I will probably buy a 2003 E39 M5 in a year before picking up a 2005 E60 M5 after some guy decides he can't afford it 2 years into his lease and needs to unload it. Depreciation is best when it is on someone elses dime! That being said I am very much hoping that the 500HP figure is conservative. It does need to be 550 or 555 IMHO and the brakes better be amazing.
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