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Originally Posted by Galun View Post
It seemed like the guy's daughter was in the car sleeping, so they kept the car running to leave the Ac on. Nothing wrong with that in my book.
What, the kid is going to wake up and start crying if the AC is off for a few minutes? And the kid's presumed need for the right ingredients to continue in a blissful slumber gives them the right to add noise and exhaust fumes into the scene? What we don't know from the vid, is did the lady ask them to turn it off more politely earlier? If they reacted in a way she thought rude to that, it would moderate my feelings about her obnoxious rant, which was pretty hard to take, I'll readily agree.

I couldn't tell exactly why those people were congregated in the parking lot, but it appeared that they needed to wait there for something. I've gone to a bunch of the barter fairs up in N. Central WA state, in October, near Canada so it gets cold at night. I can't tell you how many times I was just about to drift off into slumber when some nimrod starts his rig and runs it for 30 minutes to an hour, or tries to before I get in their face and read them the riot act. There we are, way up in the hills, away from the sounds of the city, tranquil peace and quiet but no, these people don't have a good enough sleeping bag or their feet are like, cold, man, and they idle their bleeping rig. Imagine you're asleep in bed and someone brings a car into the hallway outside your door and starts it up. That's about what it sounds like. The noise of the idle dominates.
Originally Posted by The_Raven View Post
And if the Prius lady did indeed have a child whose breathing was made more difficult by being downwind of exhaust, her child can damn well suffer so the other child can have air-conditioned sleep?

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