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Originally Posted by wyb View Post
what could be simpler than to move your car..??!?
I watched it again and it didn't look like some big, shopping mall parking lot. Perhaps the lady had an appt. she was early for and wanted to hang in the car with her kid. Then the rig drove up. It idles for a minute, she starts to notice, wondering when they're going to shut it off. They don't. Pretty soon she starts to fume. I mean we live with the GDed roar of engines often enough. When you get into a zone where you sort of expect people will shut the engine off after they arrive it could be annoying to have some diesel idle going non stop.

It's a bit weird for people to assert that their li'l girl just cannot get her nap, ya'all, w/o a 200hp/ engine idling away to run the AC. Holy $h!t batperson, we've turned into a nation of wussies.

The woman was over the top a PITA, no question. Under the right circumstances, I could see myself questioning the gentleman's conduct, and instructing him to shut the damn thing off. Ain't no truck stop here, bubba.
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