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Originally Posted by 89Ghost View Post
on this thread! this thread is the reason I join the Forum O N i have a Bimmer.
but just a few ?s i drive an 89 bmw 535i what would be the first step i should take toward tuning my beast . or a short list of mods would help two
First things first. Always remember.

Maintenance before performance. If you can make a maintenance upgrade that's good too.

Can't stress that enough. Easiest and best bang for your buck is a performance chip.
EAT chips or Comforti chips are favored for the m30b35.

Going with a sportier suspension wouldn't hurt either.
Koni adjustable struts and shocks are becoming more favored than the traditional Bilstein upgrade.
For Bilstein's tend to be harsh up front. As well, Konis are cheaper and can be adjusted to suit the drivers ideal ride.

Obviously the ultimate combination of the two are coilovers.
Nex, BC, KIDO, K-Sport, Ground Control, Lowtec, KW, Bilstein, Eibachall make coilovers for the e34 chassis.
The majority of coilover systems will need some type of strut modification to you front strut housings.
Some companies offer this modification service for a fee.
Some don't offer to do the work. Meaning you or a shop will have to perform the modification.

Larger swaybars and upgraded suspension bushings are decent upgrades.
BMW offers upgraded swaybars.
Racing Dynamics makes a set which offers the highest size and balance.
Bushings (spherical, Poly, hybrid) are good maintenance upgrades. Especially on the rear subframe.
Two such bushing manufacturers are Moosehead Engineering (spherical),Powerflex (polyurethane),

Braking is area where the e34 can upgrade without complete aftermarket setups.
The biggest calipers we can use without going aftermarket are e31 850i 4 piston or E24 4 piston front calipers and 540 rear calipers.
The bias matches up well.
It may require a change in your brake booster system but for the most part it is plug and play.

We can also use brembo front calipers from a Porsche 996 non turbo with e36 aftermarket brackets.
However the brackets IIRC will need to be flipped for it to work properly.

From there you can go in any direction. NA or FI

Miller performance cars makes a MAF and chip which will give you modest gains in RWHP, Torque, and help you m30 breath better.
But it will set you back about 700 bucks (depending on desired goal)

You can also go with a standalone system like DTA,AEM, VEMS or Megasquirt.
Most who go this route are looking for Force induction gains or have some type of NA swap.

Engine swaps are not as common for m30 owners as for m20 or m50 owners.
The most common M30 swap is a auto to manual swap.
There are plenty out there to research.

Cams are a good performance upgrade which will give nice gains.
However you'll achieve more dramatic change intergrating a well built turbo system. Word of advise on this.

Stay away from EBAY turbo systems.

The ebay turbochargers themselves usually fail and/or don't meet expectations.
However the intercooler systems, piping,and silicone couplers are ok to utilize.
Just shop carefully.

There are plenty of options out there for Turbo kits.
TCD or TurboCharging Dynamics is the favored.
They offer the best options for turnkey M30 turbo kits.
However if yu can also a setup together from a e23 or e32 745 turbo car.
These aren't the most efficient kits but they work with success.
You can pretty much get everything you need rather cheap and have your car running boost after some small changes.

Lastly, if your looking for hp gains.
Have a goal, do your research, and make a realistic budget for your build.
Most FI setups will set you back at least 2500.
My setup tally is currently at 2134 with a few little things needed to be done.

Good luck

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