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There is really no such thing by itself. The throttle positon is determined by the wiper arm within the DK motors. They send back signal voltage to the individual DME's which in turn is interpreted by the EML. The EML makes sure that both "halves" of the engine are in sync with each other. The EML light can indicate that one side of the motor is not keeping up with the other. This can be a number of things:
- DK motor getting hung up, or sticking
- O2 Sensor failure
- DME failure
- Fuel pump failure on that side
- Distributor cap/rotor faulty
- MAF faulty
- Intake gasket leak
- FPR failure
- CPS failure
- Impulse sender failure

As you can see, you will first need to try and narrow it down. Which side of the motor is not running? You can tell by which exhaust is cooler than the other after a few minutes of running. Also note that from the front of the car where the air enetrs each side until you get to the individual head, the left side feeds the right and vice versa. Once the air/fuel is in the head, then left is left and right is right. In other words, if your drivers side exhaust is cold, then you might have MAF, DK motor, or intake gasket probl;ems on the right side of the engine.

Let us know what you find.

Good luck

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