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BTW, RDL mentioned, over here, a fifth option to modifying the dipstick guide tube:
1. Buy the new dipstick guide tube
2. Drill 180 from the lower CCV vent 'finger' (above the o-ring location) through all 4 layers of metal and then weld shut the hole in the outer layer
3. Drill holes every inch or so through all 4 layers of metal BELOW the o-ring location
4. Dremel away most of the outer guide tube below the o-ring location
5. Drill away the inner guide tube with a large drill bit going straight up the bottom of the dipstick guide tube

Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
no DTC because there is nothing in the system to monitor the CCV.
Interesting. Thanks for the information that nothing in the DTC codes is for monitoring CCV operation.

Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
it is only important to measure the vertical distance between the water levels.
Thanks for the clarification that only the vertical distance between the proximal and distal water levels matters, with the rule held normal to the earth.

Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
when you blow into the hose, it will open the diaphragm.
I'm really not sure what that means because I get ZERO RESISTANCE no matter what the engine speed when I blow into the upper CCV vent pipe.

If that means the diaphragm is holed, I 'still' (unfortunately) don't get how that's supposed to indicate that. I wonder if someone with a known good CCV can test and report what happens when they blow into the upper vent pipe?
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