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You know what? I get a kick out of fast cars, and years ago fast bikes. I also get a kick out a good night's sleep, or taking a nap when I want one, or hanging with friends playing music. People are hooked on noise makers in our once great land. A motorcycle is a lot like a strap on penis with volume control.

It's a dangerous seduction, IMO. Dangerous cuz it looks so good but is usually pretty empty, ultimately. You'd be better off taking every minute and $ spent on mechanized ya-yas and spending it instead on gyms, trainers, and top nutrition. There'd be a lot more struggle involved than with buying a Porsche/Lambo/you name it. Earning the funds for such toys is not w/o struggle but it's a different sort. Guys who think hot cars will get them the babes are delusional. A Ferrari will pull gold-diggers, but for pulling quality women, nothing can compete with presenting a sleek and fit bod (except perhaps being an artitistic genius which I only know about from what I read). Such a life yields rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes as well.

The obsession with the personal right to do anything that the founders didn't expressly forbid is part of what's dragging our nation into the toilet. We're in this together, in large part. Being aware of the legitamate desires of your neighbors for peace and quiet and behaving like a gentleman does not mean that some leftist police state has been installed. Do the decent thing, for Christ's sake (look - me make funny - use cliche in different twist).

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