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CPS was completely shot... Swapped it with Speed Sensor which ohmed out fine.
Swapped out Main Relay with known good one... still no spark

Pulled DME connector: CPS/Speed Sensor wiring is good between DME connector and harness connectors in engine bay.

Wiring from DME connector to Ignition Coil is good. (shows .4v voltage drop from batt. voltage with key-on)

Cold Start Injector pulses when cranking.

Pin 5 (one of the 87's) of main relay shows 103ohms in between relay connector and DME connector. Trying to figure out how these two darn Red/White wires are routed now.

Up next is turning the engine over by hand and checking the CPS output to see if I'm actually getting a signal from the flywheel.

Are there points I should be checking for voltage drops that could cause no spark?

Finally got a chance to wash the E30 off and hit that trim with a bit of #000 Steel Wool. Starting to look a little better. Now I just need to use copious applications of back to black on the plastic bits and we should be good on looks.

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