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Need help with 2004 M3


I recently bought a BMW M3 used with 57k miles on it. When I bought it the guy that sold it to me said that the horns didn't work and the windshield washer didn't either. I got a great deal on the car so I bought it as is thinking it would be an easy fix. I am in Korea and it is very hard to get parts for this car and to find a qualified mechanic.

I learned from this forum that the horns are supposed to be located behind the bumper carrier, mine is aluminum, so I took off the bumper and guess what? No horns! They were not only not working but not even there!

I ordered a set of used horns and am ready to install them as soon as I can find a bracket to mount them with. The horns that I bought used on eBay did not have a mounting bracket. I am considering using plastic tie straps to just mount them to the carrier. Does this seem like it would work and would it last?

Also, I can't seem to locate the harness and connectors for the horn. I found a connector that goes to a temperature sensor? under the car on the driver side and a connector for the fog lights but can't find one for the horns. I did research and found that it was supposed to come out on the drivers side in front by the wheel well or possibly in the bumper carrier? Any ideas and does anyone know the color of the wires for the horns?

Also, the windshield washer fluid filler tube was missing and I bought a replacement but now I cannot find the washer reservoir!! I cannot seem to find out for sure where the washer fluid reservoir mounts to. I read that it mounts in the passenger side front wheel well but have also read that M3 mounts to the carrier?

I am attaching pictures of my 2004 M3 carrier with the bumper cover removed. I don't see any holes drilled in the carrier where a washer bottle could mount. I could really use some help in identifying this car and where the washer reservoir mounts and where the connectors are for the washer and the horn.



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