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1 Year Issues To Date with 550i GT

So, after a year with this car, I can say that I love it and hate it. I love it because it is unique, has tons of power, drives in between the five series and 7, has tons of room in the back for the kids and plenty of storage space. It is very comfortable and well laid out. It is truly a luxurious cross over vehicle.

Here is what I hate. It drives hard, not as hard as the M5 I had but hard nonetheless. Lots of rattles, some fixed some not. The sun roof was loose from day one. Other stuff just keeps on shaking. I have tuned it out but for 80k why should I. It does not grip well with 19" tires especially around banked exit turns. If you hit a rut or hole you will go sideways. Five series tracks much better. Burns oil like crazy. Have topped it off three times already. When turning at low speeds something under the car is popping and car creaks when you up go a short incline and then immedaitely down. You cannot see over the front windshield to the ground when ramping up a parking garage which is disconcerting for a moment. The rear window is basically almost non-functional it is so small.

All in all I am going to enjoy it and move on unless they figure out a better mousetrap. The hatchback is not made for this kind of performance vehicle in my view. The aerodynamics are just not there and BMW needs to work on quality build for the price they are charging for this car. It does move fast though and is a very roomy for a five series......
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