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Originally Posted by E34Addict View Post
Hello again guys
Sorry for the late reply but I started the M50 engine just yesterday and I have great news this time. It was really a hard job to rematch the wires and set the whole electric circuit correctly (We were a team of 3 people working on it, 2 professionals and myself), but at the end the engine started and the OBC and the dashboard computer worked like charm Below is a list of things that I had to change:

M30 (Automatic transmission) to M50 (single Vanos with manual transmission) swap:

- Engine mounts (The engine mounts that came with the M50 did not bolt, so I had to keep those of the M30)
- Transmission (It was already mounted to the M50 engine so I did not have to worry about the clutch disk and the other components)
- Pedals Pad (Brake, clutch, and throttle)
- Two Clutch pumps
- Drive shaft (I could have cut and welded the old one but i preferred to try not to have any welding in the whole vehicle mechanics and I am successful in that so far)
- Differential (The screws of the new drive shaft did not bolt to the differential as they are thicker in diameter)
- Air filter compartment
- A whole new set of hoses
- Main Radiator (The old one doesn't fit with respect to hoses locations and it doesn't have the coolant level sensor. This sensor used to be on the water tank just below the windshield under the hood in the old engine)
- Complete engine-side electric harness
- car's electric harness re-distribution
- car's main electric connector (The one that I showed its photos previously in this thread)
- Ignition (it was mounted on the M50 and i kept it there and removed the old one with the old engine)
- A/C compressor (it was mounted on the M50 and i kept it there and removed the old one with the old engine)
- Exhaust (The whole thing from the engine all the way to the back with the required gaskets)

Now, we are in the process of "cosmetics", as we are arranging the connected wires and make them look as original as possible and make sure that they are pretty well connected. I will post some photos of what we did and how the vehicle looks like as soon I finish the whole thing.
I rarely, if ever post this, but all I can say is .........

Thanks for sharing your experience and I can't wait to see pics.
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It's Deja Poo - as in, I've heard this **** before.

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