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Originally Posted by Pourboire View Post
First and foremost if it is a dedicated system, nitrogen can't hold water. If its injecting the right percentage of air, this is the only source of water. Did you ever wonder why your barbeque (if you have a propane one) has rust on the burners. You got it, propane is full of water. Having been a system engineer for over 40 years, and addressing issues like the aforementioned, this is just basic knowledge. How do you know the shop is really replacing your oil filter (no matter the make of car). In my case i was suspicious that the dealer (Lexus) wasn't replacing my oil filter when the oil was changed. This lead me to putting tape on the filter with the present date when I brought it in for service. When finished with the service, I opened the hood and guess what. You got it. Their got to be some element of trust, how you can determine this is not an easy.
40 years as a "system engineer" ??...

Why don't you explain to the unwashed masses how nitrogen generated from a nitrogen concentrator (ie ~94% pure nitrogen) CANNOT "hold moisture"? Please don't confuse this with bottled nitrogen.( which can be 99.99+% pure)

The issue is not 'nitrogen'...the issue is what tire stores and car dealers are selling as "Nitrogen Fill"....
Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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