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Originally Posted by Fazda View Post
I say that because I don't spend much on anything. 95% of the components of this car are secondhand leftovers from projects that were making me money. To me cosmetic improvements help make the car more complete. A car with mismatched panels and an ugly engine bay looks unfinished and isnt as easy to enjoy for me. Paint is cheap, prep work and spraying is free when you do it yourself. I'm also not concerned about the value of this car at all. The only way I'll sell it is if someone offers a ridiculous amount unprovoked.

While I have tons of hours invested, I have very little money into the car and I intend to keep it that way.

It's always been Chevy powered. Just going with a stroker with a large amount more displacement rather than trying to stuff turbos in an already tight space.

love your car, cant wait to see it again in august

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