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I feel the love! I got my 2007 a month ago. On the "creeping" , presuming yours has the SMG tranny, remember, it is a stick without a clutch pedal. Therefore, at a stop with no pressure on the gas pedal, the clutch is disengaged and the car will roll. Your foot needs to be on the brake. DO NOT get in the habit of adding a little gas to engage the clutch to prevent roll, this will prematurely wear out the clutch just like it would if you "ride" the clutch pedal in a conventional stick shift. The car has a feature which prevents it from rolling on a slope for about one second while you transfer your foot from the brake to the gas when it's time to go. In regard to SiriusXM, I had the "remnants" of the previous owners subscription for about two weeks. Just enough to get me hooked. When I stopped receiving it, I called Sirius and opened an account with no problem. Make sure you have the correct serial number to give the folks at Sirius. Failing that, I'd take it to a BMW dealer for assistance. I've had great luck with our local dealer on minor issues resolved at no cost.
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