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Originally Posted by Pourboire View Post
Pure and simple it will dissolve in water
Huh? That is why water vapor cannot exist in an N2 atmosphere???

Question was other way do we know there isn't moisture in the Nitrogen concentrators that are 6% regular air?

It is important, for a critical thinker, to separate the hype of sales from the practical real world application of this 'less than pure nitrogen' fill.

Don't hype "pure nitrogen" when that is simply NOT WHAT IS BEING SOLD IN TIRE STORES. Again, look up what these tire stores are selling. AFAIK, no membrane concentrator is over 94%.

All the 'race cars use it' and 'airplanes use it' stories do not apply. Your assertion that Nitrogen has less pressure fluctuation due to temperature changes is utter fallacy- PV=nRT. AS a system engineer you must knot that all gasses obey this law, right?

Back to reality... you seem to be buying this 'pure, dry nitrogen' myth. Nobody sells pure nitrogen, ergo- by you own logic- there IS moisture in the 94% N2 fill since it is 6% air (really other air components)

We agree moisture is bad... so use dry air. But 94% nitrogen is no better than 78% nitrogen we get for free.

(I'll bet this is where you change the argument to "well, it may not be pure, but they PROBABLY do a better job with moisture")


PS "Several quarts of water'??
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