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Thanks for confirming this, I ordered this a week ago and I'm very pleased that you confirmed that I made the right call, so now it's only waiting time to make this work as it should


In my experience it's not plug and play at all, I'm even in the middle of some kind of dispute with the seller because he told me that only navigation had to be activated and that's not true: You need to code it, buy FSC Activation codes, equipment mounts and rewire some things.. What you need to have in mind:

1) Do you have a 6.5" screen with the radio? If so, you need the equipment mount and lower cover described above
2) What kind of KOMBI (Instrument Cluster / Speedometer) do you have.. If you have a basic one or BKOMBI like mine, you need coding to tell the CIC that now it has to talk to a different KOMBI or it wont work at all
3) If you had RVC (Reverse Camera), you need to rewire the cables.. If you don't have it, you can add it and I can show you where you have it to connect it on the CIC (3 Cables) -- I don't know how many cables does the reverse camera comes with. But if they are only 3, then you will be fine.
4) Like it was stated above, the BMW Navigation Professional comes with internal HD Drive, that you can use to store music on it. The USB Cable that I'm talking about it's a different one that comes with COMBOX, because this one is only used to upload/download music to the HD Drive of the unit, it goes inside the glove box, open your glove box and you will see that you have a space where a USB plug would fit.. It does not matter that your car came with USB drive to play music, you have to add this to the CIC to have it working correctly.

When I finish all my retrofit, I will post updated instructions and pictures of the glovebox, mounts and RVC Camera wiring so you can see which cable goes where if you decide to do this. In the meanwhile I recommend that you get your hands on a E-Net cable or make your own

Hope this helps

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