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Honest Opinions - '07-'09 M5's

I am not new to BMW cars, but I am to the M machines. I have been a loyal X5 buyer starting with the need for a larger vehicle when my first child was born. Recently I decided I wanted something faster, sexier and more fun - but I don't want to give up interior room. Hence I have landed on the idea of buying an M5 from years '07-'09 for pricing reasons.

The honest opinions I am looking for revolve around:

Maintenance - are your M5's constantly in the shop or are they reliable if you keep to maintenance schedules?

SMG - is it really as horrible below 3k rpm as everyone claims?

Brakes - how many miles, with average driving, before they must be replaced?

Car Facts Report - those of you who bought used M5's have the cars with clean Car Facts reports kept to their history of reliability?

These are my main concerns because I love the idea of owning an M machine, but the last thing I want to get stuck with is a money pit out of warranty. I appreciate honest thoughtful responses. Cheers!

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