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Originally Posted by Boompa View Post
I posted my first post earlier in a thread about hating the SMG transmission- and I stand by what I said, but...

Having just picked the car up yesterday from Mecum and driving it home, then driving it around for 50 miles last night I was frankly VERY disappointed in my purchase.

BUT THEN.... I waded through the freaking manual this afternoon and learned to program all the various buttons- specifically through the magical "M button" on the steering wheel.


I've owned a LOT of fast cars from 447 Hp Cobra Replicas to 500HP Vettes to 911s and more. But ZOWIE!

When you crank up all the various software settings and punch the M Button it's like the car changes from clunky, hard-shifting Camry to freaking Supercar in one moment.


NOW I get it! Voila!

(Note- STILL hate the way the SMG shifts around town in normal mode though!)
If you buy a BMW, or any German car, and do not read the manual, you are missing about half of what the car has to offer.
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