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You can't possibly expect any magic, they weren't supposed to be as bright as the f10 angel eyes, which use completely different technology including material for the tubes themselves, etc. If you want such kind of brightness, go for any HID kit, it will give you awesome white projectors instead of angel eyes, but will destroy/wash them out in short period of time, they will brittle and fall apart. Like I said, they're not designed to conduct high power light, and there will NEVER be a solution for that.

I think those of us who are eager to try these out, merely want to get rid of the piss-yellow color, and that should be doable with these LED's.

The error message is not pleasant, however it doesn't harm your car in any way (it's not even stored, just a bulb check), plus, I'm sure it's a matter of tuning the resistor a bit. There will be definitely an update/upgrade which will take care of it.
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