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I'll be the one to say it.

I hate my generation. Everything morally wrong has become socially acceptable. I am 17 and just graduated high school. I know 6 pregnant girls my age or younger, and two more that just delivered. 4 of them do not know who the dad is, and out of the two that do, only one dad is going to take care of the kid too. None of these girls (with the exception of the one who's guy is helping out) are financially fit, emotionally fit, or socially responsible for a baby (I know at least two of the girls pregnant are still having sex with more rando guys too ). These kids are going to grow up to be little shlts; it's a shame really. Then you start talking about the folks who think everything is just there and they don't have to work for it. For example, many of the kids who graduated with me had their tanks filled by mom and dad. No, not because mom and dad were being nice, but because the kids were druggies and the next dime bag was more important, and working for your money is sooooo dumb I cannot fathom as to why these parents would just shell 50-60 bucks a week to fill their deadbeat child's tank. I was told that if I don't work, I won't be allowed to buy a car, and once I have said car, im on my own filling it up. That altimatem makes you learn money management real quick, as there is nothing worse than having a car and having to ride the big yellow sore loser cruiser cause you have no gas

I guess my point is, I hope things turn around for the better in the next generation. No more of this '16 and pregnant' crap, and less of these ' child protections'(with obvious exceptions) and entitlement. In my book, if you complain about anything that youve been given as a gift, you're a turd of a being, and subsequentally you should be barred from recieving any more gifts until you learn some damn manners.
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