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Originally Posted by Richard109 View Post
BMW would not be indorsing the Dinan tune if there were a "material" amount of wear and tear on the engine. I doubt very seriously that there is any significant wear and tear difference. Anybody shopped for a used ZR1, Porsche, Lamborghini and said "no thanks, I bet the car was driven too hard". A ZR1 will pull a higher price than a Z06 and the Z06 will pull a higher price than the base vette.
I'd like to see an official BMW statement where they "Endorse dinan tuning", or any aftermarket tuning for that matter. In fact, I'm pretty sure the engineers over here barely heard of it.
The fact that some US dealers offer Dinan tuning is a simple commercial undertaking/cooperation, since Dinan REPLACES BMW's factory warranty, so that BMW dealer doesn't have to DEAL with the problems if they arise. Obviously, they don't mind offering that since they make some money for/off Dinan.

Endorsing means also taking own liability for something. Which is clearly not the case here, since BMW does not offer a warranty for Dinan cars. In fact, tuning also voids the extended warranty and the car can never be traded in as CPO since BMW won't be able to sell it CPO.
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