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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
BMW tried to buy Dinan a number of years back. After Dinan rejected the deal there was some bad blood for a few years, but it seems they've declared bygones. The is a lot more flexibity wrt extended warranties. Factory warranties are no longer voided due to Dinan and I'm speaking from first hand experience.
Why would BMW buy a US tuning brand ? The US market is substantially smaller than the domestic market (about 1/5th), and the US market for tuned BMW's is probably negligible compared to the domestic market.
There are a whole VARIETY of German tuning brands that are larger and have a substantially larger turnover (and target market) than Dinan, why wouldn't BMW buy G-power, Hamann, AC Schnitzer, Kelleners and go for Dinan. Also, what benefitc could that give BMW? To own a small tuning shop? o.O

Also, it's not the factory warranty that's voided, but the extended warranty. The car can't be sold as CPO anymore.
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