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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
Why would BMW bother with Alpina? Dinan isn't your typical small tuning shop. It's a racing and engineering company. There's a reason why they can sell tunes a year before any else can crack BMW's system. It was my understanding that BMW wanted Dinan to be in the US what Alpina is in Europe. Half of all M car sales worldwide are in the US. BMW recognizes the market specially badged cars. You may not be a fan, but I've admired Dinan engineering for many years.

On the warranty issue, there's a F01 owner here at the Fest who blew a turbo. He had Dinan and an extended warranty and it was covered. If I keep my car beyond the basic warranty period, I plan to buy an extended warranty. BMW won't cover a failed part if it is Dinan's fault, but parts don't fail just because there's a tune. On the CPO end, the Dinan tune needs to be removed to return the car to stock prior to certification.
I've read posts from people who had this experience and , Dinan tune removed or not, the car couldn't be traded in as CPO. I'm sure Dinan backs it's products up, that is obvious. I'm also sure it's an established company, by "small" I was referring to comparison with M or Alpina.

I agree that there are more BMW M cars sold in the US, what I meant is they have at least two major badges already M and Alpina, so it's unlikely they'd need another.
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