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Hi Mike,

I really don't have that much knowledge, I apologize if my comments misled you. I have never owned a BMW before this one. Some of the things that I can comment on:
1. SMG: the single most important problem arising in this ultra-expensive and complicated cars. Even tough the pump issue was supposed to be solved by BMW, it hasn't been. Please make sure when you test drive, you slowly accelerate and wait for any jerkiness from the gear shift. If you do it slowly, it should be a very smooth process. The jerkiness could be a major underlying problem. An experienced BMW mechanic can really help you diagnose the issues, if there are any.
2. Make sure the brake pads and tires are inspected before you buy. There should be enough life left on them, otherwise, you would pay through the nose replacing them.
3. The coolant liquid could leak very easily because of some hose issues. Please have the connections checked out by a BMW technician. if out of warranty, you are in for a big surprise (not a pleasant one).
4. Please make sure the iDrive works for all the options. iDrive is very finicky for 06-08 models and not very reliable.
5. Please be careful when you install a back up camera or some other external item using the module. It draws too much power and on a hot day (exceeding 85 F), my iDrive goes completely blank. I have been told, that is specific to my M5 because the interior heats up unusually. Other M5's may not have this issue.
6. The gas consumption is simply put, awful! This will burn a hole in your wallet (unless you are a senior executive at a Wall Street bank). For me, that is the worst downside of owning an M5.
Feel free to ask me questions if you have any specific ones. I would be happy to answer.
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