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Still stuck with no spark. Without a scope I can't determine if the crank position sensor or DME is bad. Since the fuel injectors are clicking and the wiring checks out I'm putting my money on the CPS.

I went to my local pull-a-part and checked over a half dozen BMW's for CPS/TDC/Speed Sensors. Every single one was missing. I'm not about to run to advance and pay $100 for a darn magnet with some wires coming off it when there are plenty of junk e30s.

Heres a shot of the hood. The rest of the car looks like this except the trunk/roof. It's gonna take A LOT of elbow grease to get it shining right again.

The good news is after 7 hours with rags and 1/2 a bottle of Ultimate Compound I was able to take make the trunk look a lot better. You can see the trunk edge in this photo I posted earlier. You can see in the original picture that the clear coats going. Those lines near the edge of the trunk aren't where the clear coats starting to go, its all that was left on there.



Unfortunately the paint on the roof is pretty much gone. Pretty sure I'm polishing the primer at this point. Worse comes to worse I'll spray the pillars and roof in plasticoat. Progress so far:

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