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For the crosslinked record, I noticed a nice charcoal canister writeup here ...
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Problems filling up gasoline

Originally Posted by filon102 View Post
Well, here is what i found, hope it helps:

* Remove rear left wheel.
* Remove rear left wheel trim.

Loosen activated-carbon filter.

NOTE: Release the connections for the intake pipe and tank ventilation before pulling off with special tool 16 1 050.

Layout of Connections :

1. Ventilation
2. Suction tube to engine
3. Tank venting

Disconnect connections (1 ... 3)

Part #, and misc:

Evaporative Emission Control Canister

Vapor Canister:
OEM Part Price
To 3/97 16136758757 $138.07
From 3/97 16131184272 $138.07

Good luck
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