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Originally Posted by Itinj6 View Post
As mentioned, all the apps work with the USB cable. Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, etc... The USB also charges the phone. You can even listen to YouTube videos with the USB (audio only, no video). You still get cover art, a good iPod interface (not as good as with the cradle), Pandora interface (thumb up/thumb down, etc).

Basically, you only lose video out and the better car antenna reception (there was even some debate about that).

To get the apps to work, you download the BMW connected drive app first. Plug the phone via USB and run the connected drive app from the phone. Then you go to connected drive in the idrive and all the apps will pop up. You have to scroll down to the apps subsection. For pandora, just run it on the phone and go to either the radio section of idrive or apps section under connected drive and you will see the icon for it.

Only thing I don't like about it is once you exit the connected drive screen or pandora screen on the phone, you lose all the apps or pandora on idrive. You have to keep them running on the phone so checking a text (at a red light of course) would exit the program you are running. Can't wait for MAP in iOS6. Hope it fixes that.

Regarding the iPod interface, I'll be using my beater iPod (never my iPhone) for music.....will that have the 'lesser' interface too (because of no cradle) or will it have the better interface because it's not multitasking as a phone would?

Any screenshots out there of both iPod interfaces for comparison purposes?

I will always have both my iPhone (apps) and my beater iPod (music) sync'd to iDrive.....any complications that you foresee? If no cradle is purchased do I need a special cord or does the car have multiple USB ports in the armrest?


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