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Synthetic clay bar !!!

OK, I posted a responce to "waxes vs. 'sealers' on the E39 forum. I got long winded over some *Four Star Products* detailing products that I sounded like a pitch man. I am, not because I know their pitch man and master 'detailer' and chemist, but because I truly like the products and use some of them. Has anyone here tried their synthetic clay bar? It is a foam bar with one side coated with a rubbery synthetic stuff that pulls contaminants up from the paint like an organic clay bar. guess what? you drop the bar and don't throw it away! I just wipe it (usually on my leg) and keep on claying after my wash. I did use the Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus as the lube and just wiped that off for a little protection kicker over the "Paint Guard Plus" sealer. This clay bar is truly trick. lasts a long time. I now use their spray on Water-less 'Wash' with *polycharger*. It has more polycharger (the stuff that adheres to the surface on a molecular basis) and no Carnuba which the Spray Wax Plus (poly) has some. so, it effectively leaves some more of that synthetic sealer on after claying (which I assume can remove a bit of sealant). I was advised that on a BLACK (sapphire metallic) 540iT Sportwagon like mine or similar dark color, that any Carnuba wax will just melt off in higher heat of sunlight on that surface pretty quick. I'll chime in later as I have just converted to the 'waterless wash'/ lube from the other. BTW, don't use anyone's 'water-less wash' products without washing your paint with soap and water first....or, you will probably just be adding to your scratch collection. Ask me how I know with 2 black cars. If anyone uses the synthetic clay bar, post your thoughts. Oh, the test is to put your hand in a plastic bag and run your finger tips over the paint after the water wash and then after clay baring to feel the difference in surface texture and results.
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