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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
Thank you Technic! Really, really appreciate it. Follow up questions if you don't mind:

My setup will be a beater iPod Touch always in the car (music only, 25,000 songs) and my iPhone 4 in the car (apps only, Bluetooth for voice etc.).

From a UI standpoint I want:

1. The better iPod Out user interface from my iPod Touch which is always going to be in the car anyway. Check.

2. The ability to use my iPhone 4 for apps (Facebook, etc.). Check.

3. I don't want to have to plug/unplug the iPod Touch. Check. can I have both an iPod Touch and an iPhone 4 co-exist where the iPod Touch has the iPod Out superior UI and not lose the ability for the iPhone 4 to use it's apps? Are there multiple USB ports in the armrest? A "Y" connector? Will the iPod Touch fit in the snap-in adapter at the same time the iPhone 4 goes USB into iDrive for it's app functionality?


The snap in adapter has its own USB port (in the Apple 31-pin connector socket). That is a secondary USB port; the primary USB port is located in the center armrest. As the name implies, functionality defaults to the primary USB device. The secondary USB device is selectable.

Therefore, for what you want to do the snap in is the solution: the iPod Touch plugs into the snap in for iPod Out and the iPhone 4 plugs into the console USB for BMW Apps. No need to take that iPod off the snap in. The current iPod Touch uses the iPhone 3GS casing
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