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Originally Posted by Deutsch100 View Post
I am returning my LEDs to E92 Lighting. I bought them, because he stated NO ERRORS. There are errors. Yes, they go off, but they also come back on. This is not something I feel like dealing with, on a $105,000 car. Also, the colour of the lights are really good, but they are not that bright. In daylight, they are actually dimmer than just using H8 bulbs (of course the H8 bulbs are "yellow")...but there are no error codes.

I emailed E92 2x now, asking him to confirm his address, where I can mail the bulbs back to him!! Funny, when I had questions before I bought the LEDs...he would email or PM me almost right away. Not the case now. I am just going to send them back to the address on the mailing envelope.

I showed the LEDs to my Service Advisor at our local BMW dealer (very cool & chill). They told me, under NO circumstance to use them. They said BMW sadly looks for every possible reason to blame the customer for any electrical issues. They said this is VERY prominent with customesr trying to "make" LED Angel eyes & aftermarket sound enhancements and radar detectors.

Derrick was very kind at E92 Lighting, and I would buy regular H8 bulbs (GP Thunders) from him, but dealing with these hot resistors, Error codes, testing the BMW warranty, having LED lights that are very dim ( both Angel Eyes are NOT bright, like factory LEDs)...this just is not worth it!!
It errors most likely due to the resistor value being incorrect or that in production, wiring is not soldered or set on as it should have. That could possibly explain why it error at times and not others.

A simple way to get rid of the error is to just have someone code out the checks for you.

As for what your SA told you, it's half baked truth. While dick dealerships would try to man-handle you and claim your warranty is void because of aftermarket mod, they have to actually prove it. This is stated by BMWNA.
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