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Originally Posted by ticamihai2003 View Post
Hey everyone

I have a question that may seem strange but please bare with me...

I am currently searching to buy a new car. My MINI Cooper S got totaled 6 weeks ago. I live in Europe but I have a few friends in USA and Canada. On the US BMW website the prices for a similar European F30 is huge when you convert US dollars into Euros.

My question is if I buy an US spec F30 through a US citizen friend of mine, choose European Delivery option, can he sell the car to me here in Europe after he picks it up? IF yes can we say on the invoice any amount we want and then calculate all import/other taxes using that amount on the invoice?

Please don't "BOO" me if this is not an appropriate question...

Sorry, but US spec/ordered vehicles MUST be returned to BMWAG for shipment to USA for final delivery,
otherwise you are exporting the vehicle, a huge . Big trouble for the US dealer if this happens..
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