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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
I don't know what CPO will cover, but it is cheaper to replace it with an aftermarket radio system then a stock set up.

The problem is that we aren't 100% sure the H/U is good or bad. This is important because there is two different approaches that can be used.

1. Is to simply tap (go in between the wires for the amp and H/U) with an inline processor. This gives the ability to take either line level or speaker level inputs go straight to an aftermarket amp and from that amp to your speakers.

2. Replace the H/U which I like doing but recommend you go to a professional installer and have done (depending on price). A good installer will have a portfolio they are happy to show off and can give references aplenty.

If your vehicle is 2006 or older I would just go the new H/U. Apline and Kenwood make some great new units. I would normally mention Pioneer Elite, but there new stuff looks like garbage. With all I like with Alpine I would lean to the new Kenwoods as they offer huge benefits such a built in bluetooth, iPod interface, and auto EQ sound. To name but a few. Crutchfield is a great reference, but I buy from sonicelectronix or pacific stereo as they are MUCH cheaper and still reputable.
Thanks for the reply.

I am pretty noob when it comes down to any stereo or radio component. If I replace H/U, can I still use the current Amp/Sub/Speakers that I currently have? or I need to get all the components brand new?

I think one of my friend told me long before that these speakers/sub are in different specification (ohm value?) that I can't hook up straight to the aftermarket H/U.

Although, my car is 2007 mode, sound system is still subpar IMO, and I don't mind switching over to another HU.

Again, I don't have a huge budget or plan to upgrade my sound system - I just want to make it work, and if it gets better, it's a bonus.

In that note, any recommendation to amp/sub/speaker that I need to get?

Thanks in advance again!
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