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Radio delay/echo

Has anyone else had any issues with certain radio (FM) stations repeating/echoing about 2 seconds of audio? About three weeks ago, I noticed that one of my stations (106.1 in Dallas) would repeat about 2 seconds of audio every couple of minutes. At first I thought it was just the station, then I found two others that did the same thing. I then thought that maybe it was several stations owned by the same company and they had a problem with their transmissions. I figured it would be resolved, but a couple weeks later it hadn't and I couldn't find anything about it on the web. Figured if this was affecting other people in a city the size of Dallas, something would be out there. Here's what I've seen:

1. Problem is only with FM (satellite which has a buffer is fine)
2. Occurs within 5 seconds of changing the station to one affected. Otherwise happens about every 3-5 minutes.
3. Occurs when I go into a garage which leads me to think that it has to be my car and not the transmitting station
4. Happens on HD and standard stations (not all though)
5. Noticed on 102.1, 102.9 and 106.1 in Dallas
6. My wife's car (non BMW) doesn't have an issue so it's either my radio, or my radio not meshing with those stations

Any thoughts?
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