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No running boards at the moment because I bought the X-Line Pro kit, so I'll see how it looks installed first. The CIC retrofit it's 90% complete, but I'm still waiting on 2 mounting parts needed to have the CIC fully covered. At this moment you can see some of the lower part of the CIC on my car, so I'm waiting on the new parts to arrive and complete the write up as it should.


Well, there are cosmetic, technological and performance aftermarket upgrades. I think that on the cosmetic/electronic part you have a lot of options/choices on what to do to your car for upgrades, on the performance part not so much. However, did you read that aFe on CA is asking for someone to share with them their X3 so they can develop an intake and whoever gives their car for testing gets a free intake? I think it's a great deal. --- Edit ---- Just saw that you posted over there as well, so you already know, LOL---

Care to share some pictures of the pedals? I'm thinking of doing this "upgrade", but I'm looking for a replacement for the whole pedals and not just the ones that goes above them

Exactly something like this (sadly, it says that they wont fit the F25)

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