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Originally Posted by south26 View Post
Could it be the belt? or maybe you not tightening enough. I have an extra alt, but I would only sell it with the pulley. or the bushings might need replaced.

Belt is a new Gates. i even tried a size smaller and every time it want go on even with the adjustment all the way down. just wish that belt was the 1st one and not the DAG last one in line.

New bushing might be the ticket. The alt as for as I know is the org and you can see they are not what they used to be. Now to pick the correct ones??? I did go on one site and they listed the OEM ones and then the newer type but heck they showed like 5 or more of the newer ones???

The problem is I have run out of adjustment. And you can look and see that the alt is being pulled out of line so bushing would be the cause. A few years back I did do a red neck fix on the adjustment by adding a bolt and a nut that connected to the pump below. heck it works I decided to tighten the nut up today and got the belt like it should be and then fired it up and no high pitch squeal. But I think I am hearing bearing noise

Might need your alt after all if the price is right??????? I did install a new regulator in this one the first of the year.

PM or contact me through my site on a price and info on your spare alt. I just might need it. The wife Love's this car so much that spare parts is something I try to keep handy and thank goodness I have a shop and tools because I have paid one time to have something fixed at a dealer and NEVER AGAIN $100 for a distributor cap!!!!

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