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Ok guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I have a 2006 525xi, a couple of months ago started experiencing a , at the time, random clunk/shimmy/sound when turning left, from the stop sign in my condo complex. Then when backing into my garage, also while turning left. Only at slow speeds, usually while became progresivly worse so eventuly i could predict when it would do it. I could almost come to a stop, turn the wheel slightly left and get that sound/clunk/shimmy......came on here investigating, saw this thread. Went to my independent mechanic, always been straight up, passed along what I had read, they took a gander. Since I'm not under any kind of warranty I would have to pay for the exploration to fixing this. They determined that the "Thrust Arm Bushings" ( bushings attached to the stabilizing arms on the front suspension) were prematurely toasted. Remedy was to press out the bad bushings, install new thrust arm bushings, reinstall thrust arms. $133.78 in parts, $305.57 in labor...........

I was hesitant as I have heard so many "theories" as to what the problem could be, "so what if you replace these and it's not the problem?" I asked, " we'll theyre bad so like a doctor thats the first things we would tryas they have failed......" said ok, happy to say, problem solved and has been over a month, several good drives in and all good. The steering is so much tighter, really happy cause it bummed me out parking and feeling/hearing that shutter. Seeing how many fellow owners are experiencing this , I had to post and let you know of a avenue to check out. Especially for those under warranty getting the run around. Hope this helps. Like I said, totally eliminated the problem and the steering feels so much better.
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