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Finished up and I have oil everywhere. Not what you think but here are the details. I popped off the protector part of the back of the alternator cooling housing. Thgis will allow me to keep all sort of crap off the electrical connection.

I have read where removing the alternator and replacing it are a problem. I did not find that to be true. Here is what I did. I set the alternator in place. Prior to that I lightly sanded the surface point to remove any corrosion or dirt. Still pretty tight but it falls. The bottom bolt is a pain but you can get to it. I started with the top and once it was in just wiggled the alternator. It did not go. So I reasoned that I might be past the hole for the bolt and lifted the bottom towards the fender. Bolt goes right in and torque it down.

All the pulleys are finally on the same plane. Just a note you can use a power steering pump from an OBD1 car and forgo the spacers. Nice picture of it in the Bentley on 119-5.
I needed ALL of the adjuster for the belt to fit over the pulleys so it makes me think there is a slightly larger belt out there that should be used. I double checked it and it was tight going over the ribs and found it was up on the crank pulley so I have a little play but much less than before.

I ran the car without the cooler hooked up to check for leaks and found one but it was the AN cap so no worries there. The housing is dry and so it the AN plate. Time to finish the hoses. I just have them looped to the cooler so I put the AN fittings on the housing. Marked the hose and cut it with a shears used for tree branches. The push lock hose is much easier to deal with than braided. I soaked the hose in solvent to expand it. GUNK CARB AND PARTS CLEANER. Soak for 2 to 3 minutes and you can press the fittings in.

Wipe down the outside with a shop towel and fire it up to flush the lines from what ever solvent is left in there. Start the car. After about 5 seconds I have oil spitting from the front of the car. I think it is the used cooler I bout but forgot that I flushed it and pressure tested it. IDIOT, forgot to tighten up the bottom AN fitting so I have about 1/2 quart on the ground. Going to get my ass chewed for that. Off to the store for some cat litter to soak up the oil. Just finishing up and I hear a pop from behind me and then hear liquid hitting the floor. I turn around and find my Accu SUMP has burst. This is on my Cobra replica.

This engine has not even run in 6 months and I have no idea where the pressure would come from to do this. Notice the threads failed. THIS IS THE SECOND ONE OF THESE I HAVE HAD BLOW UP. Last one was on the track. I can't believe I was actually in the garage when it happened so I was able to contain it otherwise there would be 3 more quarts on the floor heading towards the street.

Anyway oil cooler in and after a 10 minute run no leaks. Test drive to work tomorrow with all the need emergency crap.
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