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Sorry no 840 option in my car, these are all SALAPA elements included:
  • 1CA,1CC,1CD,223,245,248,2MK,2NZ,2PA,2VB,302,316,31 9,320,322,323,358,3AG,403,415,416,423,428,430,431, 441,453,464,465,488,494,496,4L9,4M8,4MA,4NB,4UR,50 2,508,522,524,548,575,5AC,601,609,610,612,614,615, 616,620,633,654,677,696,698,6AA,6AB,6FH,6FL,6NF,6N R,6VC,754,760,761,776,7ME,850,868,877,886,887,8KA, 8S2,8S3,8SM,8TF,8TG,8TH,8TN,

Last night I kept searching without any luck, think I . we need someone pointing us in the right direction. (a tuner perhaps)
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