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Next Gen X1 will come in FWD and AWD and Share Platform with MINI

Next generation X1 to share FWD with MINI

BMW insiders indicate that the next generation X1 will share a common platform with the MINI Countryman and the 1 Series GT which is rumored to be release at the up coming Paris Auto Show (BMW Releases at the Paris Motor Show).

The common platform, know as UKL, which is short for 'Unter Klass' or 'entry level' will provide a common chassis for multiple cars in BMW and MINI's line up reducing cost. For the next generation X1 the use of the UKL will have several major impacts -
  • The X1 will come either front wheel driver or all wheel drive with no rear wheel drive only option
  • Only 4 cylinder transverse mounted engine option will be available. BMW has confirmed it will not re-engineer a 6 cylinder to be transversely mounted
  • A transversely mounted 4 cylinder will increase passenger and cargo room
  • The cost should be cheaper then current X1s

That is a lot of change from the current X1 offerings. Do these changes increase or decrees your excitement about the next X1?

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