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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
Thanks. If I'm using the nav to get me somewhere in split-screen mode and I get near a major intersection where action is required, does the nav 'overtake' the entire screen for that major milestone and revert to split-screen w/album art seconds later after that turn has been executed?

Wondering what the behavior is of iPod display in split-screen when you've reached a critical juncture in the trip on the nav.

No... one of the things that I tried in the short time driving in the Team USA event was split screen in the Nav to see if they did something different in the F30 vs the E90. Overall, it is the same fundamental GUI as in the E90 with the exception of a few new screens (Eco mode). There is a coding option in the E90 iDrive to switch the Arrow screen to full screen upon an intersection, though.

I think that the real changes in the GUI and interactions/animations are coming for the new iDrive just announced.

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