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This is a longer post than usual, but I figured it is fitting because it showcases just some of the multiple types of vinyl services that I am able to do. On this silver Mercedes Benz CLS65 AMG, I vinyl wrapped the roof and roof spoiler in my matte black material, blacked out the chrome / brushed aluminum window trim in matte black as well, and lightly tinted / smoked the headlights as well as the turn signal lights on the side mirrors.

The matte black really gives the car an aggressive non-factory look as well as a very sleek look to the roof.

It is a bit ironic, because the owner of this car came down to me in Orange County from the Bay Area, and now I am going to be up in the Bay Area to do some vinyl wrapping. The owner of this car was planning on putting on matte black wheels later on, which will really go well and set off the matte black roof and window trim very well.

Note: The tail lights on this car were not tinted/smoked by me, only the headlights were.


Headlight before tinting / smoking:

Headlight after tinting / smoking:

Driver side (right) headlight tinted / smoked, passenger side (left) stock:


-Don Nguyen
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