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Originally Posted by RodgerLogan View Post
Is the dealer's name Richard Cranium by any chance? I bought an '07 w/36K miles for $39,000. Space Grey Metallic(which I love)/Black. An '08 with 54K for about the same price sounds pretty sweet! By the way, mine was driven by 3 or 4 prospective buyers at the dealership, including a friend of mine who has an '09 550.
Surprisingly enough the car I like the most is an '07 with almost 61k miles. My only issue with it is that it isn't optioned out that well and was built in OCT '06 and the other cars were all built in mid to late '07.

I am to the point where I am finding out how the 3yr/36k warranty reads concerning the SMG/Clutch. So far I have the dealer telling me it's all covered, but I am making sure. Ironically, all three of my top cars have the same extended warranty because the dealers are all under the same umbrella company. They just happen to be at Audi, Porsche and BMW dealerships, LOL
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